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Play Clue=D August 14, 2016

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Even though the play for next year has been guessed, I have another clue for students who are still trying to guess.  I will announce the play and post the audition script by the end of August.  Auditions will take place in the middle of September.  See you soon!

Your play clue is: plane.




Play Clue 8.10.16 August 10, 2016

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Why hello, Judd kids! How are you? Are you ready for your next play clue? I am getting great guesses at eperryman@nbtschools.org but no one has figured it out yet;-)

Today’s clue is “ice cream makes me happy.”


School Play Clue #3 July 29, 2016

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Your 3rd clue, dear Judd Students, is the word “problems.” Email me if you have an idea. Eperryman@nbtschools.org is my address. ❤️🎶


School Play Clue #2 July 22, 2016

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Clue 2

Hello! A few of you have sent some good ideas!  I’m impressed! But alas, no one has guessed correctly yet.  Your clue for this Friday is below.  Miss you!

Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

Your clue is coin,

Do you know what’s true?


Clue #1 July 15, 2016

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Hello my Judd friends! I hope you had a good end of the year! I missed you but I am feeling all better now.

Welcome to Clue #1 for our play next year. If you have a guess, email me at eperryman@nbtschools.org.

Your clue word is red.

🎶 Ms. Perryman


2016-2017 Judd Chorus Officers June 16, 2016

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Officers 1.png

Congratulations future 5th grade officers!  Email me at eperryman@nbtschools.org so I can have your email info.  Have a great summer!

2016-2017 Chorus Officers



New 2016-2017 Advanced Recorders!

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Congratulations, future 4th grade recorders!  You made it!  See you at our first rehearsal this Friday at 815.  Bring your recorder.  See you then!!🙂

ADV REC 16-17






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